1. What kind of hotel in the year 2014 keeps a physical book containing handwritten names, addresses, AND credit card numbers on the front desk where anyone can steal it and open a line of credit for themselves in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range? The Curtis House Inn, apparently.

  2. Gordon told one of the “sous chefs” he looked like a clueless extra the hotel hired just for his visit.

    Shots fired.

  3. Again with these white girls telling Gordon no when he asks them to try the food.

    Oh and calamari is not supposed to be mush.

  4. Gordon is at a haunted hotel in Connecticut in this episode and he’s the only guest in the hotel. On Mother’s Day. And it’s apparently haunted.

  5. strandbooks:

    Okay, you guys. Confession. This one is from me.

    Underlined passage, Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy, page 256.

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  6. My apologies for live blogging Hotel Hell earlier. I don’t know what came over me.

  7. Turns out this hotel is 900K in the hole and the owner’s wife didn’t even know until they filmed this episode.

  8. I’m no chef but I know strawberry doesn’t go well with tuna.

  9. I’m watching the Hotel Chester episode of Hotel Hell and the server tried to tell Gordon no when he offered her some of the food he ordered so she could taste how bad it was. Girl, if Gordon Ramsay tells you to eat something, you EAT it!

  10. The Rhetorical Questions of Ina Garten: An Incomplete List


    How bad could that be?

    How fun is that?

    How’s that for easy?

    How good does that look?

    How good does this look?

    Who could turn that down?

    Isn’t that great?

    Who wouldn’t want that for their birthday?

    Who wouldn’t want that for his birthday?

    We need a nice cocktail for breakfast, don’t we?

    Who wouldn’t like that for breakfast?

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